The Geothermal Aquaponics Greenhouse Project:

The geothermal aqauponics greenhouse project is a concept designed to integrate renewable geothermal resources with one of the most effective forms of agriculture; aquaponics. This design utilizes a geodesic greenhouse, and is based upon proven system perimeters. This system is a hybrid of the infamous UVI system, and utilizes multiple hydroponic techniques in addition to vertical space to maximize production of both fish and produce in an extremely small footprint. A 42 foot diameter, 1300 square foot dome is estimated to produce over 5200 pounds of tilapia and 5500 pounds of produce annually, or production could be doubled in a 56 ft diameter greenhouse dome. Domes are extremely efficient at retaining heat, and the prototype of the project is engineered to be heated exclusively with geothermal water in a cold, high altitude climate; the mountains of Colorado. This project would be the first to demonstate economic viability of aquaponics in cool climates, and provides a model for sustainable, ecologically resposible, and local food production that can be replicated throught the world. For more information or to contribute to this unprecidented enteprise, contact us. Act quickly, as participation is limited!


geodesic aquaponics overview still

The geothermal aquaponics greenhouse project